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Software Quality Assurance

Open Source tools and technology practice

Innovative Teams. Specialty by Example

Learn how to identify and develop the right automation tool for your project. Our teams are trained, experienced and have implemented test automation frameworks in commercial lines of business. They are highly skilled in building comprehensive set of features and fully automated testing solutions using Test Driven Development and Agile Solution Delivery.

Software Quality Assurance

It is a significant challenge to keep pace with the skills, practices and latest tools that are part of the industry. At IT Automation LLC, we implement test automation through a collaborative and real time approach. We help companies to build test automation strategies and robust frameworks besides providing a comprehensive test coverage to shorten the software release cycle. We embrace methodologies such as Agile, SAFe and Lean to enhance the delivery of solutions.

We focus on enhancing the customer experience by ensuring early and continuous delivery of software. We do so by building on the 4X foundation. Our quality driven processes demonstrate business value and ROI and help IT teams to address the specific operational needs.

IT Automation LLC delivers value additions in Software Quality; our engineers engage with you through open lines of communication and deliver proof-of-concept for the early adoption of Test Driven Development. We implement Test Automation Engineering practices by utilizing Agile methodology to improve quality. We measure by Functional Quality, Code Quality and learn by experience, understand sooner on how to manage delivery budget wisely to finish on time. Our engineers are capable of testing software by simple prototypes, plan to Learn and learn to Plan, build shared understanding on quality and performance of software delivery by automation.

Whether you’re a start-up or a public company – our strategies will help with information you need to steer the company towards success.

Lean and Agile Development

Our engineers are providing strategies for solving organizations by creating opportunities and demonstrating improvements in their technology platforms.

Tools Plug-In for Integration

We are adept at using open source technologies and tool stack, and implement scalable test frameworks across platforms.

Continuous Exploration

With creative tools and innovative ideas, together we can refactor the process for continuous improvement and build a test complete code for a successful implementation.

Cloud Based Architectures

By providing a cloud-based development strategy for web and mobile applications, we mean iterative testing for incremental delivery to meet added functionality in CI/CD.

Deliver High Quality Business Solutions

In the final analysis, our matured team by adhering to the best practices helps to improve your processes through efficient code development. We build robust frameworks to address your business requisites and add value to your business by facilitating the timely delivery of products and services.

We are a complete Agile Delivery Model

Our teams work in Continuous Delivery pipelines and contribute to Continuous Exploration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and support Release on demand.

To start with the application setup and user interface (UI) testing, we apply conceptual manual test efforts for test data creation, conduct data mining, identify test scenarios, write test plans for Agile User Story validation and functionality testing, perform test case execution by use of tools like HP ALM, Quality Center, Atlassian JIRA, Rally, Test Rail, MTM and perform test reviews for client acceptance. Thereafter, we apply Test Automation techniques, write test code using programming languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Groovy scripting etc., to create Test Scripts and build Test Suite for Functional and Regression testing.

The automation tools are selected after carefully understanding the client’s requirements and getting maximum benefits from applied resources. We provide a complete end-to-end test strategy for solving organization’s most pressing needs, perform technology assessments and product evaluation by creating a selective approach on the technology tool stack.