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Partners- IT Automation


IT Automation LLC is a full-service company located in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Our company continues to expand with the unique ability to operate and create great experiences in Information Technology spectrum to deliver significant outcomes. We partner with leading software development companies across the United States to bolster frequency and competency and develop a uniquely powerful way to engage, train and deliver high performance teams. We love technology and manage behaviors that drive success.
“We look for a huge selection from college admissions with a fresh vision, apart from value addition by experienced engineers to build value streams and scale our platform” says Ravi Sumanam, COO of IT Automation LLC.

We align with leading technology partners to provide optimized solutions, add business value, enhance quality of services, streamline operations, minimise risk, and hasten the time to market. Along with our technology partners, we develop total IT solutions for our valued clients that are Agile, robust, scalable, cost effective, and driven by customer demand.

We leverage the superior quality products of our partners that are cutting edge and follow proven industry standards to deliver business solutions that address the specific business and technological needs of our clients. Together with our partners, we help our clients to speed up the delivery of qualitatively superior products and services, expand their market footprint, boost ROI, and maintain their competitive edge.

The sky’s the limit on our growth potential

The company’s disciplined approach has resulted in best-in-class execution with more than 200 clients beginning with Pharmaceuticals (with 7 out of the top 10 in pharma companies and 15 out of the top 20 medical device companies as clients), followed by financial services (with 16% of the top 100 companies), insurance clients, retail market, telecom and technology clients (11% of the leading tech companies) across the United States. With average penetration in the marketplace and improved company growth, we built a solid foundation with our trusted partners and client base.