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Our Approach - IT Automation

Our Approach

The reliability of Information Technology and Infrastructure Management is based on the strategic approach along with our philosophy in talent acquisition to delivery best-in-class solutions to meet business needs. In addition to being proud partners to leading software development companies across IT verticals, our teams are highly qualified and certified in Big Data engineering, AWS technologies and Cloud services, Database management, Data Quality, Salesforce, EDI and Test Automation using open source frameworks. Leveraging effective processes, frameworks and proprietary toolkit, our mission is to accelerate your time-to-market and deliver cost effective, unique and inventive solutions.

We help you break barriers and reach milestones

The strategic business insights and technical expertise provided by our qualified and experienced workforce build a shared understanding, drive efficiencies, break operational silos, promote communication, enhance the quality of deliverables, and achieve business goals – all at a lower price differential.

We innovate

The rapidly changing market dynamics and shifting customer preferences due to globalization means businesses can no longer afford to be old school and use technologies that are on the verge of obsolescence but learn, evolve, adapt and apply the futuristic models and tools of business and technology. At IT Automation LLC, we understand your business and customer needs through observation and communication, build insights, propose innovative IT solutions, apply Lean, Agile, and SAFe methodologies to ensure seamless IT integration, reduce redundancies and enhance productivity.

Our approach to innovation is defined by:

  • Continuous Exploration
  • Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery | Continuous Improvement
  • Build Value Streams and think outside the box
  • Ensure the innovative idea(s) lead to Value addition

Agile, Nimble and Smart

Being Lean-Agile leaders, we strategize and help foster an Agile culture in our clients’ business set up so that they can respond effectively to opportunities and threats, and become more adaptive and resilient to meet the uncertainty in market dynamics. As an independently assessed SEI-CMM Level 3 company, we propose a holistic end-to-end IT solution to improve the quality of your service deliverables, streamline processes, break silos, understand and effectively meet the demands of our customers.

We empathise and understand the needs of your end customers and go beyond our mandate to transform your business. We do so by demonstrating humility, respect, commitment and trust – in our singular pursuit to achieve excellence.

IT Automation LLC Gives

We believe in giving back to our community. That is why, we partner with organizations we’re passionate about and help in building a better future. We are committed to donating 1% of our product, 1% of our equity and 1% of our employee time to improve communities in North Carolina.