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Careers- IT Automation


The employment landscape is constantly evolving. A skilled pool of candidates needs multiple strategies and investments in training to meet the demands of an increasingly specialized market. Finding the best candidates do not come easy and requires a targeted approach based on your specific needs. The best candidates come with attributes such as talent, commitment and originality. Our resource pool has individuals who distinguish themselves by displaying the highest standards of performance and excellence in the IT services industry. Explore how IT Automation LLC is different.

Career to the next level. Work with us, and you’ll make a difference for the next generation in Information Technology and Infrastructure Management. Whether you are a student, a graduate or experienced professional, discover the impact you could make with a career with IT Automation LLC. We provide the right opportunities, challenges, innovative technology tools and a vibrant work environment to learn, adapt, and excel in your field of work. We fill temporary and/or contract positions in technical and administrative fields throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide outstanding services and value to our client partners.

As the Information Technology journey needs change, so is the demand for more innovative solutions. This is inherently an emergent process.

Our experience, combined with extensive recruiting network and real-time market intelligence gives us the ability to identify the most suitable candidates and determine what will attract them. Together we develop compensation packages and career path for a successful future.
We build a competitive edge and deliver better results; our teams are recognized for setting a pattern and driving Lean and Agile community. Our candidates provide continued services that help to build high quality business solutions to meet client needs. Our teams contribute to Value streams in SAFe and Lean enterprises and deliver Agile portfolio operations for Value addition.


Culture sets our values and norms. It’s a journey beyond the expected and an experience where on any given day you might move billions in currency or revitalize an entire neighbourhood. A place where you’ll initiate change and have your ideas come to life. A career with IT Automation LLC offers you more than just a path for a bright future.


At IT Automation LLC, we are determined to be the best. We set the stone for a career development, create opportunities and achieve competitive advantage through value services, products, and relationships with our customers and communities. We adapt to Change and create positive work environments – We understand people.

IT Automation LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Our success in maintaining a reputation for professional excellence depends on selecting the best qualified candidates. Achieving this objective means that no employee or applicant for employment will be discriminated against because of race, colour, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status or such other grounds as may be covered by applicable federal, state and local law.