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Application Development - IT Automation

Application Development

The enterprises of today are faced with the challenges of adopting a value centric approach rather than a pure techno centric one. This is as a result of rapid technological changes, evolving delivery models, increased competition, and shifting customer preferences. To chart a robust business strategy in order to meet the futuristic needs of the industry as well as to offer a seamless customer experience, enterprises need to effectively manage their costly legacy systems by aligning them to the changing dynamics of business and embracing the cutting edge technological paradigms of the day.

At IT Automation, we help you create a nimble application portfolio that is future proof, secure, and all encompassing. Our purpose built application portfolio accelerates digital transformation by breaking down organization silos, simplifying processes, and help you to better engage with stakeholders like employees, clients, vendors, and customers. Our cost effective delivery service portfolio leverages latest technologies such as open source tools, data analytics, packaged solutions, cloud, and automation in the form of Internet of Things. We focus on value addition and quicker delivery of services from distributed locations by using Agile, SAFe, and Lean paradigms.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Customers of the day have become quite demanding and expect quicker delivery of services. In order to help you emerge a winner in the competition and grab a bigger customer pie, our suite of applications portfolio embeds emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT, besides adopting the existing ones in the form of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud). We deliver quick enterprise solutions through continuous delivery, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and by providing timely releases on demand. These help to transform the customer experience by a mile as their queries are better routed, tracked, and promptly resolved to their satisfaction.