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About IT Automation


Our Culture

Culture sets our values and norms. It defines us, shapes our work ethics, drives our decisions, and helps us improve from what we were yesterday. A career with IT Automation LLC offers you more than just a path to a bright future. We thrive on diversity and foster an entrepreneurial spirit imbued with the core values of openness, integrity, excellence, and customer focus.


At IT Automation LLC, we are determined to be the best. We set the stone for a career development, create opportunities and achieve competitive advantage through value services, products, and relationships with our customers and communities. We adapt to Change and create positive work environments – We understand people.


The work culture at IT Automation LLC is premised on observing transparency in all our dealings. We encourage an open and sincere communication among our workforce and listen to their feedback to become a better, agile, and more able organization.


Each and every decision we take carries the hallmark of integrity and of doing the right things, every single time. We respect our colleagues and value their opinion.


We strive for the best by constantly trying to improve and innovate. We keep pace with the latest in technology and business paradigms to achieve excellence in the delivery of our services. We take total ownership of the task at hand and back it up with passion, commitment, and a never say die attitude.

Customer focus

We are not merely happy with customer satisfaction alone but aim at achieving customer delight. The size of the project does not change our focus, for big or small, everyone at IT Automation LLC abides by the singular objective of keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do.